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Preschool Classes

Preschool Classes

Music Pups - Ages 0 - 4

Wiggling and giggling is what these little ones do best! Watch their eyes light up as we sing their favorite song, and their enthusiasm when we bring out the shaker eggs and bells. The Music Pups class is a mixed age class for all children 4 years old and younger. A perfect class to bring your toddler and baby too. For 45 minutes we enjoy singing and moving together. Play rhythm instruments and dance. The children think it is all just for fun, but there is a lot of learning going on. These little ones are developing listening skills and beginning to experiment with rhythms they may not have heard before. Each session runs for 10 weeks, 45min/week and has a specific collection of songs for that session. Each collection you register for you get lifetime access to an app with all the songs we will be using for that session. There are a total of 12 collections, that is 3 years before ever repeating any of the songs!

Tuition is $130 and materials is $40 for a total of $170 that will be charged at time of registration. There is no additional charge for siblings 4 years and under, but please register each child so we can be sure to have enough room for everyone.

Childminding is available for siblings over 4 years old for Thursday 5pm, 6pm classes and Saturday 10:15am class.

Pony Session begins April 4, with many class days/times to choose from.

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Sunrise Class - Ages 3 & 4

When can we go back to Music Class is what you will hear after the first class! These busy little 3 year olds love playing with their Teddy Bear Puppets, singing with Buddy Croak, and putting stickers in their own workbook. 10 weeks of fun with singing, movement and rhythm instruments, together with some workbook activities they love to do and are excited to take home and show anyone who will look. They will learn about rhythms using WALKING and RUNNING TEDDY, and the rest of the gang. They will learn about tonal patterns like STEPPING DOWN SO LOW. All this prepares them to join the Sunshine (Piano) Class next year. They think they are playing, but learning so much each day!  Materials include workbook, rhythm instrument, CD, and Buddy Croak finger puppet. Tuition is $110 for ten 45 min classes, and materials of $40 will also be charged at time of registration.

Childminding is available for any siblings not registered in class.

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