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Music Class

Wendy is always cheerful and the girls love attending their classes with her. They are eager to learn and she makes the learning fun! -Tori

“Wendy teaches a wonderful parent participation program that is focused on the age of the students and incorporates stories, singing, dancing and other instruments. We started when my daughter was five, and are going into our third year with her and absolutely love it!” – Jenna

Last year our son was introduced to music in Sunbeam I, and he thoroughly enjoyed it. I was amazed at how much he had learned in one year, and how wonderful his composition piece sounded. “If that is how much a 5 year old can accomplish in a year,” I thought, ” I would like to do that too.” This year our MYC instructor offered a class for adults, so I enrolled in Moonbeam I, and am enjoying every moment of class and practice time.

– Darryl

My son loves coming to your class and has grown so much musically. He especially loves that he gets to learn how to compose his own music -Kat

Teacher Wendy is a natural with the kids and must have endless patience. Her pleasing demeanor brings out the best in the kids’ abilities. – Grampa

I highly recommend Wendy and the Music for Young Children program. My son is learning music in such a fun, fast-paced way. -Pam

Awesome instructor! My son loves it – Katrina

Wendy Puttick is the best music teacher ever and is one of the many reasons why I love music so much. She has helped me grow as a person and musically. -Tate

Genuine love and care for the students and their growth and success. -Clay

Ms Wendy is so patient and has an amazing way with abilities and learning needs. Our entire family has learned so much through 1.5 years of piano lessons. Our twins are growing in their ability, not just in piano but I am sure with their cognitive ability too. Thank you! -Kelly

Ms Wendy is very focused on building her students’ confidence and competence. – Grandfather

Wendy has been very patient and accommodating.We thank you for all your efforts. -Lisa

My son attends piano lessons here and can play (and has for his entire school and other large groups) O’Canada, he has composed at least 4 songs and has grown so amazingly musically, AND he’s only 9! Sign up your kids and get their creativity flowing! Mrs Wendy is just awesome! – Kate

Very well choreographed program, with many talented kids shining bright! -Aunty & Uncle

Our 10 year old child has been taught by Ms Wendy for the last six years and the progress has been amazing. – Phillip

We love your humour and how fun you make learning piano Ms Wendy! -Mary

You have an excellent way with children -Kay

Wendy keeps the classes entertaining and fun! -Shannon

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