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About Discover Music Studio

Enjoy the warm, inviting atmosphere of Wendy's home studio in Lower Mission, Kelowna. The studio is equipped with a variety of five keyboards, digital pianos and an acoustic piano.

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Meet the Teacher

Hello, I’m Wendy Puttick. Welcome to my studio. I began teaching piano right after I first got married in 1990! I can’t believe it has been that long. I have enjoyed getting to know each of my students, watching them grow and develop, both in their musicality, and also their personality. I decided to become a piano teacher in my late teens. I had realized that having the skills to sit down at the piano and play to work out whatever emotions I was dealing with was so healing, and kept me out of mischief. I realized this is a worthwhile skill to offer to other young people. So I continued with my piano studies until I received my Grade 10 with Royal Conservatory of Music. I am thankful every day that I made that decision. Teaching piano and general music skills to children and adults has been so rewarding for me, and from all the research I keep reading about I see it as such a gift to give to my students. Each of us is on our own unique journey, and therefore what we each receive out of this skill is different. Some will play for only a year or two, others for the rest of their lives. Some will only play for themselves, others will play in great symphonies. Whatever the end result is, the journey to get there is where I fit in. I am here to guide you and/or your little one to discover what music can do for you.

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Being that the studio is in my home, I feel it is important that you know we have a cat (Rowena) and dog (Darla) living in the house. There is a closed door between the studio entry door and the house that the pets do not go through, so if anyone is fearful of animals, there is no need to worry as the animals won't be able to come to the door. If you or your child has allergies, that may be a concern. I currently have several students with cat allergies, but they have been fine coming to lessons. If you would like to stop by and see the studio or see if you or your child will react to the pets, please contact me to arrange a time. It is very important to me that all my students feel comfortable coming to classes


About the Music for Young Children program

Each class has 3-6 children in their age group, and a parent or caregiver attends as well. We learn about the keyboard geography, and then learn where the notes are on the staff. We include singing, rhythm instruments, composing, theory, technique, listening activities, piano solos and ensembles. Students will need a proper keyboard or piano at home for practice each day. Expect student, with the help of their parent, to practice 15-40 mins each day depending on their age/level. Unfortunately unregistered siblings are unable to attend as we need each parent actively participating in the class and other children may cause a distraction for the students. We follow the school calendar for lessons with a Christmas and Spring break. We will have 34 classes and two recitals.

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Music for Young Children (MYC) is an international program developed in Canada by Francis Balodis in 1980. Each group class teaches children with age appropriate stories, songs, etc. to learn the fundamentals of music. Having the parent participate with their child helps the program be so successful. The program is a 3, 4, or 5 year program depending on the age the child begins. Upon completion of the program the student is prepared to do their Level 1 Royal Conservatory of Music Piano exam and their Level 5 Theory exam. Students are well prepared to continue on into private piano lessons after this, or they may be ready to try a different instrument at that time. For more information about MYC please go to

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